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9 reports about 201-203-9996

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rich Love 17th Jul, 2011+0
nothing on other end. Some have reported this is from rogers
Visitor #5 13th Jul, 2011+0
When i answer no response from calling party, tried to call back and it says its disconnected, call originates from Hackensack, NJ
godkids831 11th Jul, 2011+0
false claim.. these people are nuts.. go to hell .. take that phone and shove it up your ass.
madashell 7th Jul, 2011+0
political survery! called me and my kids cell phone. Wont stop and no way to get to a person. who should i report this too?
g.b. 7th Jul, 2011+0
Saying something about identity theft
Tom Den Hond 6th Jul, 2011+0
For over a month now , both my wife and I have been getting these calls. It is simply a collection agency using the name LAW OFFICE ( that's the business name). Shennanigans I know. However ,I do know where they got our numbers. A dead beat I know gave our numbers as a reference for some product( credit ) or cash advance.It sucks , I don't care . I check my credit regularly,any BS and I handle it. Advice .... Ignore , watch your credit. Like all human beings . Banging your head against a wall gets pretty boring and starts to hurt after a while. Good luck.
countryboy 5th Jul, 2011+0
They wanted payroll so i tranfered them. They didn't leave a message. They left same message. Did say what company the carnishment was for so i'll call again and see.
Scorpio 3rd Jul, 2011+0
Got a call from this place and hit 1 to talk to a person and said for the 100th time stop calling me. The guy got mad and starting yelling at me saying do you even know why we're calling? I said no. He said you have 3 credit cards that you pay on time and pay more then the minimum amount right? I said yes. He said we'll lower the interest rate to 9.99%. So he said I need you start with the credit card that begins with a 4 read me the middle numbers. I said no I'm not giving you my numbers. In a stern voice he said look we can't do nothing without the 3 digit number on the back and we're not asking for your mother's maiden name. I said no there's too much credit card fraud going around. After telling him no three times. He said you know something you're a dumb guy. I said I'd rather be a dumb guy and keep my good credit card record. He hung up. Call my three credit card companies and go new cards with new numbers.
jobseker897 3rd Jul, 2011+0
calls, does not leave a message

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StateNew Jersey
CarrierYmax Communications Corporation - Nj